Cambridge Outdoor Club

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Naturist Club?

Naturist clubs have existed for many years and provide somewhere quiet and private just to be naked and sunbath in a safe natural environment, amongst other naturist families, couples and single people. A club also gives you the opportunity to meet other naturists and socialise at many events held throughout the year. Naturist are friendly welcoming people particularly to prospective new members who may have concerns about the lifestyle. Many life time friendships are made and at Cambridge Outdoor we are basically a large family. Most clubs have swimming pools, Sauna’s and facilities for camping of all types for their members. 

Does everyone always have to be naked on a Naturist Club site?

Not at all. If the weather is warm, then most members prefer to be naked. However, lady members at times may need  to cover up and this quite normal and would probably wear bikini bottoms . In colder weather most people put warm clothes on. It is your own discussion there is no hard and fast rule other than in the swimming pool where no clothes are worn. Clothes must be worn in our car park.

What about young families?

We welcome all young families.  Many clubs in the UK, including Cambridge Outdoor Club have family-friendly facilities – and, quite simply, families are vital for many clubs’ continued success, and for the health of naturism as a lifestyle. Young families are safe within naturist clubs: Our club strictly follows the British Naturism Safeguarding Policy and the club Protection Officers attend training courses to remain up-to-date. Naturism really is for all the family.

Should I be worried about my body shape?

Naturists come in all shapes and sizes, and being nude makes you have a much more positive attitude to body shape. Few naturists worry about dieting, losing weight, or about their clothes’ size. Bodies, breasts and penises come in all manor of shapes and sizes. There are very few people who have a perfect body – but if you do, don’t worry, you’ll be just as welcome!!!

If  I try nudity I’m worried that I’ll become aroused and embarrass myself and other people – does this happen?

Rarely! Few mature men are aroused by the sight of a woman naked, if she is comfortable with her body. Nudity in its simple state is not sexual, and naturist clubs are not sexualised environments. Standing chatting to someone who is not wearing clothes is not usually a turn on.

I have operation disfigurements and scars. Will this matter?

Not at all. In fact being a naturist will make you much less conscious about operation scars, or any other physical difference in your body to that of others. Naturists are very non-judgemental about scars, stretch marks, or physical disabilities.

 Shaving – is it necessary?

Some naturists prefer the smooth look, but there are as many who leave their body hair strictly alone. Some prefer a ‘bit of a trim’, others a fashionable ‘full removal’ ‘ airstrip’ or a neat triangle . There are as many variations of body hair styles as there are head hair styles! It’s your own preferred look.

Is there any particular etiquette I should know about?

 Most naturists usually have a towel with them when walking around, this is used for putting down on a chair before sitting on it, for reasons of hygiene. Naturists usually shower before entering the swimming pool. Respect the privacy of others. Never photograph anyone without getting their permission first. Cambridge Outdoor Club has specific rules about when and where cameras may be taken and used.

Is Naturism just about nudity or do you have to have a ‘back to nature’ philosophy?

Most naturists have a healthy respect for the environment and at Cambridge Outdoor Club we like to encourage a respect for nature, and the eco-system, so that we ask that you take rubbish home for disposal and recycling. We  have a particularly beautiful maintained site with a small copse called Jacks Patch planted by a forester member many years ago. We have I think achieved a balance of modern living nature and naturism.

When are you open

We are open all year round. Members usually camp between April to October and occasionally during the winter months for events. Our swimming pool is open April to October weather permitting. During the winter months there are regular events and social get together’s. As we are a members club regular work Saturdays/ Sundays are also held during the winter months which all members are asked to help when they can.


Ok well I hope that is of some help, why not contact our Membership Secretary and come for your first free visit and join us in a great lifestyle.