New Members Information


We welcome applications for membership from families, couples and single people of all ages.
Club membership conveys a wide range of benefits and gives you the chance to fully enjoy the freedoms offered by our lifestyle choice all year round. For newcomers it might seem a daunting prospect but why not just have a chat and we can put your mind at rest.
To join the club is not complicated, after making contact with our  Secretary you will be invited for an initial free no obligation visit. After making an application a number of trial visits are arranged, one which must be naturist. During these visits the prospective members meet committee members and club members. This then gives both sides the opportunity to make their respective decisions. At the end of the trial visits, membership may be ratified following agreement of entry, the payment of the annual subscription and a joining fee. For security reasons you will asked to prove your identity, this is only a formality to protect both you and the club.

How much does it cost?

Our fees for 2021 are £115.0 per person, children under 18 are free. There is a one off “Joining fee” of £10 per family, couple or single. The annual subscription fees run from January 1st to December 31st each year and is reduced by 50% for any new members joining after 31st of July of any year.

For more information about naturism and questions please see our  page. 

Please contact “Jenny”our

Or Write to the Address Below

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The Cambridge Outdoor Club
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Phone 01353741335